Hype Web Design caters to each business’ individual needs to improve the ROI of your online marketing.

We make it easy to up your online presence. Simply put, it doesn’t get better than Hype!



Solutions That Work

Web Design

Web design isn’t simple. Balancing things like design, user friendliness, and search engine optimization is best left to the professionals. At Hype Web Design, a team of professionals is what you get.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of optimizing a website to maximize visitors. Using keyword manipulation and some more advanced strategies, it’s possible to rank among top results on popular search engines like Google.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook, and by extension its entire suite of services, is a powerful tool in the hands of a knowledgable marketer. The experts at Hype can use their expertise to ensure you get your money’s worth of Facebook advertising.

Graphic Design

Attractive and professional branding is imperative for businesses of any size. Whether it’s a new logo, print marketing materials, or graphics for online advertising, the specialists at Hype can meet your needs.

Chat Bots

Beep beep boop… just kidding! Chat Bots are quickly becoming an industry standard. A bot is available to answer simple questions from visitors 24/7 through FaceBook Messenger, your own website, and more.

Hosting & Support

Hype Web Design owns and operates our own production and DNS servers. We use top of the line data security protocols to ensure your website is safe. With a guranteed 99% uptime and expert support, what’s not to like?


Mobile Ready

When building a website in the modern age, responsiveness is of the utmost importance. Mobile now represents over 50% of internet traffic. Utilizing usable and engaging design for both desktop and mobile devices is the challenge web designers face every day. For larger eCommerce websites, for example, that challenge becomes much more difficult. Fitting all of the information required for an online store on a handheld device can be nearly impossible. With responsive design from Hype Web Design, you get an amazing and consistent experience across a wide range of screen sizes.

Search Engine Optimization with results you can see. Let’s drive more visitors to your site together.

Get your site on the front page of Google, Bing, and other search engines with Hype Web Design.


Advertising With Facebook

Interact With The Masses

Facebook and it’s suite of products draw more than 2.5 billion active daily users. That is a massive pool of people to market to. Chances are, the group of people you know who don’t use on of Facebooks services is smaller than the group who do. One of the best ways to reach out to your community or the world is to take advantage of Facebook advertising. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as giving Facebook money. Proper use of the tools available are imperitave to your marketing campaigns performance. The experts at Hype are here to help increase your return on investment.

Detailed Targeting

By utilizing tools like Facebook Pixel, you can retarget users who have visited your site on Social Media. Facebook makes it easier than ever to put your advertising budget to greater use. You can ensure that the people you want visiting your site and purchasing your product and/or services are the ones getting the message. We can help to create advertising that appeals to your target demographic to increase engagements across the board. Hype Web Design have the professionals that can boost your ROI using detailed targeting strategies. You don’t have to go it alone, we are here to help!


Connect Via Chat Bots

Chat bots are the future of online customer interaction. Customers can ask questions about your business, products, and services every hour of the day and get meaningful responses. They can also be integrated into your Facebook page and linked to your website, allowing customers to reach out on your website or Facebook. A chatbot is like a website, a tool that markets for your business 24 hours a day. Don’t get left in the past, get a chat bot for your business today.

24 Hour Customer Service

Your business has business hours, but a chat bot doesn’t. Give yourself the ability to support your customers at all hours of the day. 

Professional Graphics for all of your marketing needs. Print or digital, Hype Web Design has you covered.

Your brand is your brand, so let’s make it unique! Hype can provide experienced graphic design services for your business.


Secure, Reliable Hosting

Your Site, Up When You Need It

Hype Web Design knows hosting. We have our own dedicated servers to securely store your website. With a guaranteed 99% uptime, you can rest assured that your website will always be working for you. There are several hosting options available, so we are sure to have one that will work best for your business.

Our customer service is second to none. We make the process of moving your website from a previous hosting company simple and quick. Attaching anew domain to a Hype Web Design website is even easier! Give our hosting a try and you will not be dissapointed at the result.


We’re Happy To Help

Hype Web Design Marketing Services

We have a comprehensive selection of marketing services available that will meet the needs of any business. Whether you need print marketing materials or online marketing services, Hype has you covered. Our graphic design specialists can create detailed and on-brand print marketing materials, such as pamphlets, brouchers, and business cards. 

Let us provide you online marketing services. Whether it’s as simple as a small run of advertisements on Facebook, or a full blown Google Ads and cross-social media campaign, We have it handled.

Hype Web Design exists to help businesses thrive. Online Marketing with the personal service you deserve.

We build a connection with your business to represent your brand just the way you want it. Let Hype help you today!


Who We Are

Web Design And Marketing Pros

Hype Web Design consists of a team of dedicated developers and designers with years of experience. We have completed many projects, both large and small, leaving only satisfied customers in our wake. Whether you’re looking for a new website, a more reliable hosting provider, or a management team for your next online marketing campaign, you know you’re in good hands.

Hype has professionals in many fields of the industry. Our graphic design team has more than just an eye for design. They can get to the core of your brand and create both online and print materials that represent your business perfectly. We have search engine optimization experts that can get you to the front page of Google with ease. Our system administrators provide the highest quality hosting available. They are dedicated to keeping your website up and working for you both day and night. Our online marketing team is a personable group that gets to know your brand. They are ready ad wating to provide your business with an online presence that matches your identity perfectly. With Hype Web Design, you get the results that only years of professional experience can get you.


Our Four Pillars

Business To Business Done Right

Customer service is the goal of every company, and Hype is no exception. Our focus is on serving our clients and meeting the needs of their business. Large or small, we can help your business get to where it wants to be. Whether you require a fully staffed online marketing campaign to translate into real dollars, or a website that will blow away the competition, open lines of communication are so important. At Hype, we ensure our clients are always aware of what we’re doing to help their business. You can rest asssured knowing your dollars are put to good use.

If there is one thing Hype Web Design puts above all others, it’s protecting customer data. We have secured every part of our operation to ensure your data stays safe. Our hosting programs will offer your business everything. You won’t have to sacrifice speed for reliability or security. Our strategies for your business are exceptional. We use a combination of traditional and cutting edge approaches to provide your business with the best possible services.

Customer Service

We aim to meet the needs of each and every client. Our job is to provide the highest quality web design and online marketing services available.

Open Communication

Open lines of communication between our clients and ourself is incredibly important. To provide our high level of service, we need to be able to talk.

Superior Protection

We provide an incredibly strong protection of our customer data. Whether you’re taking advantage of our hosting programs or any other services.

Winning Strategies

Hype Web Design uses a combination of both cutting edge and tried and true marketing strategies to get the best results for your business.

A Web Design Dream Team, At Your Service

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